Wednesday, March 28, 2012

 Approximately 4 in 10 young women in the U.S. become pregnant at least once before turning 20 years old. I happen to be one of the 4 in 10 girls! I strongly recommend teen girls to use birth control. Here are 10 forms of birth control that will prevent a surprise before you are ready.

1) ABSTINENCE 100% effective! 
2) Condoms 
3) IUD - I have one that lasts 5 years :)
4) The pill- If you can remember to take it. Maybe set an alarm on your phone for it.
5) The patch ( Change it once a week )
6) Depo-Provera ( Injection every 3 months )
7) Implanon ( Implant in your arm )
8) SILCS diaphragm ( Inserted in cervix )
9) Spray on contraceptive ( safe for breast feeding  mothers! )
10) Vaginal ring 

Most insurances cover one of these forms of birth controls. If you do not have health insurance go to your nearest planned parenthood and talk to them about birth control!


For your teething baby!
Teething usually occurs between the ages of 3-12 months ( sometimes before this, sometimes after depending on child). For some babies teething is a breeze, and for others it is non stop crying, no sleep (FOR ANYONE!), and change is eating patterns. Here are some ideas to ease your babies pain!
  • Teething Toys- Bet you couldn't guess that one! ;)
  • Teething Tablets-I use Highland's 
  • Massage babies gums with your finger
  • Let them suck on a pop-sickle- Tristan loves this! Its really messy though. Help them hold it!
  • Let them chew on a cold wash cloth
  • Teething Gel- I would recommend a natural kind that doesn't numb.
  • Pain Medication- Talk to your pediatrician before giving your baby acetaminophen or any other pain reliever.
Those are some ways to help with the pain caused by teething!
P.S. If your baby wont eat because it hurts their gums freeze the nipples on the bottle. The cold nipple on their gums will feel good so they can eat!

Monday, March 26, 2012

Life as a teen mom is very complicated. It requires waking up in the middle of the night, losing almost all your friends, doing homework when your baby is asleep or playing, and spending all your money on diapers, formula, and toys. To me there isn't enough hours in the day!
So how do you become "super mom" and keep the house clean constantly, get good grades, play with the baby, and keep a good relationship with your boyfriend? You asked and I am sharing my secret!
GET ON A SET SCHEDULE!!!!!!! If you do this your baby will sleep longer during the night! Even get on a cleaning schedule. Monday/ Wednesday/Friday- Vacuum, sweep,Tuesday/Sat- Clean Bathrooms, do dishes. Thurs-Do laundry. Sun-RELAX take your kid to the zoo or park! Make it Sunday Fun-day!
As far as money make sure you and your bf has a job. Work on days he doesn't that way you don't have to pay for daycare! Also for school take it slow take a couple classes at a time. Its better to have passed a couple classes a year than to have taken a normal full day of classes and to have failed most of them because you have to much on your plate!
To keep a good relationship with your bf you both need to communicate! If you are tired cause you woke up 4 times that night to a teething baby ask your man if he will take care of the baby while you take a nap.
Last but not least play with your baby throughout the whole day! Your his/her best friend and he/she loves looking at your pretty face talking to him just as much as you love looking at him/her. Make time to bond! Before to long they will be driving a car to their friends house and you will wish they were this 7months old again!