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August 26, 2011


Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Deceptively Delicious Cooking! :)

Do you have a picky eater in your family? Well I do! The sad part is it's not Tristan, it's Ben. Ever since Ben was a kid he did not eat his vegetables. He was influenced by what he saw his father had eaten (which was not one vegetable). So of course Ben thinks vegetables are nasty. I can't even get Ben to consider trying one vegetable! I had to tell him I would buy him a video game just for him to eat one small chopped onion! Ridiculous right? Well here is my advice to you.
1) Eliminate all sweets/ snacks in the house
2) Stock up on all your favorite vegetables
3) Buy the Deceptively Delicious cookbook

The Deceptively Delicious cook book gives you recipes that secretly have vegetables in them. What do I mean by secretly? Lets say you are having mashed potatoes for dinner. You would puree cauliflower, and mix it into the mashed potatoes. Kind of sounds gross but you cant taste it! Plus you get all the vitamins and minerals from the cauliflower. Sneaky huh? Ben never knows what he is really eating for dinner every night ;). If you have any other great ideas on how to get picky eaters to eat their vegetables please feel free to share below!